Top 5 Uses for Toothpaste, That Don’t Involve Your Teeth

When used regularly, toothpaste can help clean, strengthen, and even whiten teeth.  Strong abrasives within the toothpaste formula help break down and clear plaque attached to the teeth, gums, or mouth.  This not only protects against decay, but can also prevent bad breath as the odor causing bacteria are washed away.  Additionally, toothpaste contains other ingredients like Fluoride that help strengthen tooth enamel keeping them strong and sturdy.  Still, there are plenty of other uses for toothpaste that not many people know about.  Below, we’ve highlighted five additional uses for toothpaste that don’t involve your teeth.  Enjoy.

1)      Carpet Stains
If it’s strong enough to clean your teeth, why wouldn’t it be strong enough to clean your carpet?  Apply a generous amount to a carpet stain and brush.  Rinse, and repeat, and before long you should notice that the same abrasive chemicals used to fight plaque have also beaten down that nasty stain in your carpet.

2)      De-Odorizer
Having difficulty getting the stench of onions or fish off your hands?  Cooking can be fun, but the lasting smell can be a nightmare.  Try rubbing your hands with a small amount of toothpaste.  Briefly rinse afterwards, and then apply other lotion to re-hydrate.   No longer is the fresh clean feeling you get after brushing, confined to just your mouth.

3)      Alternative to Caulk
Perhaps not the greatest solution to a nail hole in your wall, but if nothing else is available, toothpaste should do the trick.  Just apply a small dab with your finger to plug up any hole left behind by a nail or screw.  Don’t have toothpaste colored walls?  Try adding a little food coloring to the “toothpaste caulking” mixture.

4)      Anti-Itching Cream
Bug bites or rashes can be a great annoyance, especially if they itch or burn.  Simply apply a dab of toothpaste and enjoy the same cooling feeling you get from brushing your teeth on your skin irritation.

5)      DVD or CD Smudges
Nothing will ruin your mood faster than a smudge on your favorite CD or DVD.  These can result in choppy playback or even outright failure.  Don’t fret, use a little toothpaste to buff out any minor smudges or scratches.  Be careful though as too much may actually cause further damage.