3 Curious Questions About Your Mouth

Maybe you’ve been curious about something involving your teeth or had a question that you’ve deemed stupid, inconsequential or too silly. Haven’t you heard that if you’re asking a question you can never be wrong? Here are some common questions that involve your mouth that you’ve maybe thought about, but never had answered!

Why is the roof of my mouth ticklish?

Run your finger (your clean finger) lightly over the roof of your mouth. You might not burst out laughing, but if you’re like some people you’ll feel a familiar tingling sensation. Try to describe it and you’d probably use the word “tickles.” What’s up with that?

  • Knismesis is a sensation that results from light touch, and the places that are touched this way less frequently are more susceptible to feel it.

Should I brush my teeth with cold or warm water?

Which is better and why? Can brushing your teeth with warm water kill bacteria better?

  • No. You could never brush your teeth with hot enough water to actually kill the bacteria that live in your mouth. And you wouldn’t want to, ouch! So really this is all about preference. One possible benefit of brushing with warm as opposed to cold water, is warm water could soften the bristles of your toothbrush making it easier on your enamel.

Is it normal for my teeth to feel loose?

You’re probably thinking, well that can’t be right. Teeth are meant to be stable and unmoving, right?

  • It depends how loose we’re talking. If you’ve ever gone an extended time without flossing and then flossed, you might have felt like your teeth were slightly loose. This isn’t necessarily good, but it makes sense. This could mean you’re suffering from gingivitis or heading towards periodontal disease. Without regular flossing the pockets of your gums “deepen” and pull away from your teeth, leaving them less secure and stable.

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