3 Dental Apps You Should Download

These days, owning a smartphone is expected and even required for certain lifestyles. In recent years, smartphones have been revolutionized not only through physical and hardware upgrades, but also through digital and software updgrades. In 2015, the smartphone is a hub for connectivity, social media, entertainment, and a diverse set of utilities, from calorie counters to traffic-integrated maps. The dental world has also benefited from the smartphone revolution, as software developers  create dental apps that can help you improve your dental health and knowledge. Here are three apps, free of charge, that can you download to your smartphone right now.

Brush DJ

Developed by Benjamin Underwood, this app seeks to solve the issue of a boring brushing routine. When launched, Brush DJ opens up a screen with a metallic control board (available in different colors, as a nifty addition). The control board has several buttons, but the main feature is a “play” button centered in the middle of the screen. Press it and the app will select a random song from your smartphone’s music library and play it for exactly two minutes, which is the recommended brushing time. In addition to enjoying your favorite tunes while you brush, Brush DJ allows you to set important dental notifications, such as reminders to brush twice a day, when to change your toothbrush, and when to next visit your dentist.

Dental Phobia

Do you have a fear of the dentist? Are you afraid of what might happen during a dental procedure? Dental Phobia may be the solution to your fear. This app is designed to calm your fears of visiting the dentist’s office by providing clear, detailed information on what you can expect out of your visit. Some of the features include coping strategies, detailed outlines of dental procedures, and a FAQ. Download this app and have it handy to make your next visit to the dentist a breeze.

Dental Anatomy

Delcam PLC, the developers of Dental Anatomy, shed light on the design of your teeth with this intuitive educational tool. Dental Anatomy features a complete 3D animated set of teeth, including the Upper Jaw and Lower Jaw. By navigating through the app, you can discover the notation, definition, and orientation of your teeth with illustrations to help cement the knowledge. Additionally, the app includes information about dental restorations, including copings, veneers, inlays, crowns, bridges, abutments, dental bars, and more! If you are seeking to learn more about what is inside your mouth, download Dental Anatomy today.

These dental apps will hopefully help you improve your dental knowledge, health, and awareness. For more information about maintaining your teeth, contact Greenspoint today!