5 Ways You Are Ruining Your Teeth


There are some habits widely known to avoid cavities and teeth stains. No smoking. No sugary drinks. Brush and floss twice a day. These are all very important things to remember in order to protect your teeth and maintain their strength. Even if you do all of these things, you may find your teeth begging you to get to the dentist fast! Here are a few mistakes you may be making when it comes to proper, effective oral health routines.


Brushing immediately after drinking OJ


For many, morning orange juice is a precious necessity to start their day on the right foot and is usually followed by a thorough  tooth brushing before heading off to work. For many, mornings are a rushed time of the day, and it’s natural to want to brush immediately after drinking orange juice, but the fact is you should wait. Why? The extreme acidity from the citrus beverage leaves your teeth vulnerable to enamel erosion. To solve this, make sure to rinse with water before brushing to neutralize the acids.




The strength of your teeth depends on the amount of water you drink. In most counties, the water is infiltrated with fluoride which helps to rebuild enamel with more strength to fight off plaque. As previously mentioned, water is also a great neutralizing beverage after consuming high acidity or sugary drinks to avoid further enamel erosion and plaque build up.


Improperly cleaning your toothbrush


There are hundreds of myths out there that explain “the best way to clean a toothbrush” in response to the horror story studies of bacterias that grow within the bristles. While it’s true your toothbrush should be cleaned or replaced regularly, you don’t need to put it in the dishwasher or microwave to avoid sickness. Instead, just make sure to give your brush a solid rinse under the sink after brushing. This ensures cleanliness without risking your health or damaging the brush itself.


The Internet is not your dentist


Whether it’s “How to Brush Your Teeth” or “How to Ride a Bike,” the internet seems to have an answer for everything. Unfortunately, hiring social media as your personal dentist is not the best idea. It is not worth the arts and crafts and your teeth may be ruined in the process. Do not look into ways to whiten your teeth with household products. Instead, consult your dentist for suggestions on the best whitening products and see what dental procedures they offer.


Do not use toothpicks


As one of the most available oral health tools out there, toothpicks really fall down on the job as a flossing substitute. They are very prone to splintering which can cause tears in your gum line and lead to gum issues down the line. Of course when in dire need, go ahead and remove the spinach from between your teeth, but just know there are consequences if that one pick turns into your new form of flossing.


All of these oral health mishaps are avoidable once you are aware of how dangerous they can be to your teeth. If you find yourself participating in one of these bad habits, contact Greenspoint Dental in Houston, Texas to set up an appointment. Our dentists will give you a proper cleaning and advice on alternatives to keeping your teeth clean.