50 Shades of White… Teeth

Have you ever sat around on a weekday night watching reality TV, and noticed how white some of the actors’ teeth are? Do you ever wonder if they spend four to five hours brushing their teeth before they go on set? Did you know that yes, even non-celebrities can have teeth as white as their celebrity cohorts?

Well, it’s simpler than it sounds. How white your teeth can be depends on a variety of factors, some of which you can control, and others that are predetermined.

The graph below shows the different shades of white your teeth can ultimately be.

For some, due to hereditary factors and the natural aging process, your teeth may not reach the whiteness of your liking. However, there are steps you can take to ensure your teeth get as close to it as possible.

Studies have shown that eating certain foods, like strawberries, which contain a healthy amount of acid content, and drinking a milky tea, which is a good source of fluoride and calcium, can help prevent the loss of minerals from your teeth and keep them strong.

Other than diet, there are other options such as a teeth whitening toothpaste, for a more gradual teeth whitening process, and whitening strips, which might end up costing you a pretty penny and can cause a high amount of sensitivity for your teeth.

With this understanding, Greenspoint Dental offers the ZOOM! Teeth Whitening process, a painless, one hour procedure designed to eliminate the hassles caused by the use of at-home teeth whitening procedures, and with the goal of affording the patient with maximum teeth whiteness.

For more information on our ZOOM! Teeth Whitening procedure, contact our Houston Dental office today.