Alcohol and Oral Hygiene

Alcoholic beverages already pose a danger to personal health.  In moderation they can be alright, but in excess they have been shown to create serious health risks like weight gain, liver failure, or even death.  To make matters worse, recent studies have shown that alcoholic beverages can affect dental health as well.

Alcohol tends to be acidic and high in sugar.  Over time and with continued consumption, these items can become dangerous.  From this, studies have discovered links between alcoholic beverages and cancer of the mouth and throat.

In other studies, the sugar and acid content of alcohol has been shown to be a serious deteriorative force to the teeth and gums.  Just as sodas and fruit juices that are sugary and acidic, alcohol can erode tooth enamel and weaken gums resulting in pain and/or loss of teeth.

Lastly, there may be more to alcohol than just its direct result on dental hygiene.  Some dentists believe that with regular alcohol consumption comes a sense of indifference in a patient.  This lack of motivation may lead to poorer dental hygiene habits or complete neglect.

If you or someone you know has been adversely affected by alcohol, contact your local alcohol abuse hotline for more information.  If you have questions about how alcohol may be affecting your teeth, you should consult your personal dentist.