Checklist to Visit the Dentist

Many people do not enjoy the dentist. Why? Some people fear what might happen (and here is why you should not be afraid of dental tools). While some may claim they “don’t have the time” others are just lazy.However, many people dislike to visit the dentist simply because they find themselves unprepared for the appointment. Fortunately for you, your friends at Greenspoint Dental have compiled a comprehensive list of things you should do before coming in for your next dental visit:


  • Plan your personal and work schedule with the appointment, accordingly. One reason that many people find dental appointments stressful is because the visits are shoved between other schedules in their lives. You may find yourself rushing to the dentist office, increasing stress and anxiety rates. To avoid this, schedule your appointment enough time in advance and set yourself a calendar notification as a reminder. These tricks will help you plan other schedules around your appointment, thereby giving you enough time to breathe and relax before seeing the dentist.
  • Schedule your appointment in the morning, if possible. There are three great reasons for scheduling your appointment in the morning. For one, your teeth are fresh and clean (assuming you brushed that morning and the night before). Compare this to an appointment later in the day, where your teeth have had time to accumulate plaque and food particles. Secondly, early appointments help with anxiety, as you “get it out of the way”–as opposed to dreading the visit to the dentist all throughout the day. Lastly, dental visits commonly result in a professional cleaning. Early appointments mean you get to show off your shiny white teeth the rest of the day!
  • Find a simple way to relieve stress or anxiety before the appointment. If possible, avoid taking any pain medications (or worse, drinking to relieve stress) before you visit the dentist. Your dentist should ideally see you without chemicals in your body. Consider alternative methods for relieving stress, such as breathing deeply or listening to calm music.
  • Create a list of questions and concerns you have for your dentist.Don’t leave the dental office realizing you forgot to ask important questions or voice your concerns to your dentist. To avoid this, create  a list–either in your head, or written down on a piece of paper before the appointment –to ensure you get all the information you need from your dentist.
  • Don’t forget to grab important materials. Make sure to bring all the documents you need for your dental appointment: a photo identification (especially if it is your first visit), your insurance card, your wallet, and any dental devices your dentist may have given you beforehand, such as a retainer. The last thing you want is to arrive at the office, calm and stress-free, only to realize you have forgotten something important at home.   
  • BRUSH YOUR TEETH! This one is a no-brainer, but some people forget to properly brush their teeth before they visit the dentist. You may think, “Why should I brush my teeth when my dentist will do it for me?” One, clean teeth will make it easier for the dentist to inspect your mouth. Two, your dentist will be able to judge your brushing skills. Always brush your teeth before going to an appointment.

Ready to set up an appointment with us? At Greenspoint Dental, we are committed to providing you a seamless, fearless, and painless experience. To schedule an appointment, or for more information, contact our offices in Houston, Texas today.