Dental Coverage Doesn’t Guarantee Use

A new study led by the University of Maryland, shows that providing dental insurance is alone not enough to get many people to visit a dentist as regularly as they should. The study was published in the American Journal of Health this month and claims that there is a definite need for additional education to encourage dental visits.

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Researchers looked at Americans who do and don’t have dental coverage and how many of them make regular visits to the dentists. The data was pulled from the Health and Retirement Study of 2008. Many things factored into their research including, marital status, race and gender. After analyzing the data researchers were able to show that providing dental insurance to older study subjects, who previously hadn’t had dental insurance, does not usually produce enough incentive to get them to visit the dentist. Instead, the study suggests that insurance be supplemented by necessary education about the importance of oral hygiene and the complications caused by neglect. Researchers are concerned that many people are unaware of how closely dental health ties in with overall health. Just as with any product, dental health must be marketed towards the audiences it isn’t reaching. While many factors affect a person’s dedication to dental health, gender and age have shown to most. Older men are the least likely group of people to visit the dentist as regularly as they should. Researchers believe that education on the importance of oral health targeted at this particular group could make a real difference. This study is representative of larger issues with general health care: providing people a way to fund their health care doesn’t inform them of when or how often to seek it. Why you can’t change a person’s gender or age, you can always appeal to the beliefs and habits of that person, especially when you’re argument is for their better good.

Why You Should Go To The Dentist

Here are a few quick reminders of why it’s important for you to regularly visit your dentist and maintain your oral health:

  • Your dentist can help you in developing healthy oral hygiene habits and routines. Maybe you’ve heard brushing your teeth twice a day is too much and maybe somewhere else you’ve heard that after every meal is preferred. Speaking with a trusted dentist is the easiest way for you to get the information you need to attend to your own oral health.

  • Your dentist can spot complications and diagnose them before you’d even know they’re there. Because the symptoms of many dental issues aren’t as intense or as pressing as other health issues they can be easy to ignore. However, a dentist with a trained eye can easily spot the early signs of gingivitis and many other conditions before they have time to worsen.

  • Your dentist (or dental hygienist) is always going to the be the one who knows best how to clean your teeth. No at home treatment can compare! They have the obvious advantage of being able to clearly see in your mouth, various specialized tools and equipment and that wonderful bubblegum flavored polishing paste!

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