Disney Magic Timer App: Encouraging Healthy Oral Hygiene

Little girl with wet long hair takes a bubble bath, play and have fun. Children's portrait

How many parents have struggled with teaching their kids healthy dental habits? There are many sources of information telling us what our kids should and should not eat, what type of bristles to use on their teeth, whether to use fluoride, etc.. How do we digest all this information and form a game plan? How do we teach robust habits that will stick as our kids grow up?

Brush with Mickey

If you are having trouble getting your kids into a brushing routine, you might consider buying new toothbrushes. Relatively inexpensive, a new toothbrush that your child hand picked might be exciting enough to initiate a morning and evening habit. There are so many options in the toothbrush aisle. You could get an electric brush that sings while you brush, a Mickey Mouse or Frozen character brush, or a sparkly pink brush. “You can relate brushing their teeth to something they adore (‘Time to brush our teeth with Winnie the Pooh!’) and they’ll be excited to get out their favorite toothbrush.” Take some time during your next grocery trip to find a toothbrush and toothpaste that will inspire your child to spend more time brushing!


purple toothbrush and multicolored toothpaste to use with Disney Magic Timer app



Disney Magic Timer App

Oral-B created an app for parents just like you! The Disney Magic Timer app is free on mobile app stores. It aims to encourage longer brushing times. To encourage even the most resistant children, the Disney Magic Timer app animates hygiene routines. To get going, all you need is to download the app and purchase a Crest or Oral-B character toothbrush. You link your toothbrush to your account and it determines which character stickers to offer in the app. The app is designed to extend the time children spend brushing, and make it easier for them to develop strong oral habits. A brushing calendar, two-minute timer, and a sticker album enliven brushing routines to help kids keep track of their progress. Stirring up mundane routine by adding your child’s favorite movie character might be just what you need! Choose from Monsters Inc., Winnie the Pooh, Frozen, Star Wars, Iron Man, Cars, and many other beloved movies!


Monkey See, Monkey Do

Kids learn best by example. Have you ever said a word or phrase around your toddler only to hear it regurgitated at an inappropriate time? Kids see what we do, hear what we say, and copy our actions. While you teach healthy dental habits, reinforce by brushing alongside your child. Gather the whole family and all brush together. The young kids will learn the most from observing everyone else’s routines.


little boy puts toothpaste on his toothbrush


There are many ways to encourage healthy habits among children. Most of them include spending time with your kids to teach them what to do and involving them in the process. Let them pick out a toothbrush or toothpaste that they like so they want to use it every day. Little treats to encourage progress, or energizing brushing with songs and games will go a long way in inspiring oral hygiene.a

As you teach your kids about hygiene, make sure to reinforce by scheduling regular dental visits. At Greenspoint Dental we are here to support you as your children grow and learn dental practices. If it’s been awhile since you or your child’s last appointment, don’t hesitate to call us and set something up!