What To Expect With Dentures

If you’ve lost and are looking to replace either some or all of your teeth dentures are a viable solution. Dentures are removable and a less expensive option than non-removable dental implants. If you don’t know a lot about living with dentures you might be nervous that they’ll be limiting or cause discomfort, when in truth once you get the hang (or should I say the bite) of dentures it’s easy to forget they’re even there!

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  • Keep in mind that adjustments addressing ill fitting dentures or discomfort caused by them are easy to make and often expected. You should feel completely comfortable letting your dentist know of any small issue you may be having.

  • Many first time denture wearers are concerned about how they will affect their eating. While at first eating may be more difficult, you will adjust. Start with softer foods that are less difficult to chew. Avoid any food with a bone or that are particularly hard the first few weeks.

  • During the first week or so you may find that the dentures affect your speech. Your tongue and mouth are learning to adjust to their presence and will soon be able to form words that sound the same way they always did!

  • If your dentures make a clicking noise when speaking talk to your dentist. This could be a sign that the dentures aren’t fitting the way they should.

  • At first you may notice an overproduction of saliva and some mouth soreness. This is normal and should go away as your mouth adjusts to the presence of the dentures.

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