Four Tricks to Get Your Children to Brush Their Teeth

As a parent it’s often difficult to have your children do what’s good for them. Children (and adults too actually) often prefer candy over vegetables, prefer watching television over doing sports and don’t always want to brush their teeth. It’s difficult for children to really understand why they should brush their teeth every day, so it’s a parents responsibility to try to teach them about the importance of oral health. This is easier said than done though, which is why we’ve rounded up four tricks that you can use to get your children to brush their teeth twice a

      1. Craft a Great Story

Children love stories, so why not tell them the story about the bad sugar bugs that love eating sugar and then go on to make holes in our teeth. Putting the reasoning behind why they should brush their teeth into a story can help get your children to go along with it.

      1. Make it Fun

Include your children’s toys in the brushing routine. Have them take their favorite action figure or stuffed animal into the bathroom so they can brush their teeth as well. Another trick is to make a competition out of making as many bubbles as possible in their mouth while brushing.

      1. Make Them Feel Good About It

Don’t forget to compliment your kids when they’ve brushed their teeth well. Everybody likes a bit of encouragement and especially with children this can make a big difference.

      1. If All Else Fails, Bring in Your Dentist

Sometimes none of the previous tricks really help. Kids in some cases just like playing the game of not listening to their parents (especially at certain ages). Bringing your kids to the dentist and having them tell about the importance of brushing your teeth might be what’s needed to change their behavior.

A simple thing such as having your kids brush their teeth twice a day can actually bring about a lot of stress if you’re having a hard time getting your kids to take on the habit. If you’re having a hard time with this, hopefully any of the tricks that we’ve mentioned can help you get your kids to develop a healthy oral hygiene routine.

If you have any questions regarding good oral hygiene, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.