The WHO Global Oral Health Programme (ORH)

At Greenspoint Dental, the insistence of our dental hygienists about maintaining your dental health is in tune with the oral health program of the WHO (World Health Organization). Oral health is one of the most important basic needs of the population, with free dental services offered in most communities, there is still a large percentage of the popular who experience dental caries (tooth decay). Dental health is one of the easiest things to maintain, especially with regular brushing and the occasional visit the dentist for professional cleaning.

Non-communicable chronic disease

The first step to raising awareness about the importance of oral health is to recognize that dental decay is a disease, specifically a chronic, non-communicable disease. It affects families from different economic statuses, with complications that range from gum disease to oral and throat infections. Particularly, dental decay is seen prevailing in the poorest communities in third world countries. Dental hygiene is something that is very personal and easy to maintain, with proper education and resources.

Objectives of ORH

The WHO’s ORH program has a developed new strategies to address the ever growing number of cases of tooth decay by focusing on global policies that promote oral health and prevent oral disease. These policies need to be communicated to different parts of the globe, making dental check-ups, professional cleaning, and even basic resources such as toothbrushes and toothpastes available to a wider range of people.

Risk factor approach

One of the newer approaches in battling tooth decay is to control the risks that are associated with poor oral health. Raising the awareness on what causes our teeth to decay can help in the prevention front of ORH, with greater focus on modifiable risk factors such as diet, nutrition, tobacco usage, alcohol intake, and personal hygiene.

Community orientation

A community approach in terms of health education and making dental services available is another forefront used in the ORH program. Community-wide programs such as public forums, education seminars, and even regular public events can help improve oral health awareness by targeting a larger audience. Community empowerment is a big part of this approach and the concept of Primary Health Care, teaching the population how to take their health in their own hands.

Health environment

Oral health promotion and disease prevention doesn’t stop with the population. The WHO also aims to ensure the health of the environments, particularly regarding access to safe water and sanitation, the need for water fluoridation, to improving access to dental services and resources. Health centers are great ways to reach out to the poorer members of the community, with free monthly dental services and oral hygiene equipment available after every consultation.

Oral health goes beyond simply keeping our teeth healthy. It’s about nutrition, personal hygiene, and prevention of oral disease such as infections, cancer, and other related diseases. Give a call to Greenspoint Dental and check out our services to ensure that your teeth are getting the care they deserve. Our dentists are the best in the area.