Happy Halloween!

We hope everyone has a safe and fun evening tonight. By the looks of it, we’re going to have almost perfect weather for trick-or-treating.

As a dental office, we do feel obligated to warn everyone about eating too much candy. While one or two tootsie-pops and a few M&Ms aren’t going to rot your teeth, eating a bunch of candy might not be such a good idea. Besides giving you a belly ache, all that sugar in your mouth helps harmful bacteria grow and could eventually lead to minor tooth decay.

A good rule of thumb on Halloween candy is to limit yourself to only one or two pieces a night. Keep the candy that you or someone in the family really loves, but throw out all the junk that no one really cares for.

Halloween isn’t just an event for people, however, pets can join in the fun too. Below we’ve posted some of our favorite pet Halloween costumes. If you have other favorites, drop a comment on our Facebook page with a link to the photo.

Like they say, you are what you eat.


Did somebody say bacon?


The only tootsie roll that won’t cause dental decay.


We found him!


Where did the cats go?

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