4 Ways to Choose a Good Dentist

Why do people refuse to go to the dentist even when they should? Unfortunately, this is not an easy answer. Some people “don’t have the time”, while others blatantly ignore it hoping their dental problems will go away on their own. Others are afraid (hint: here is why you have nothing to fear). The reasons (or, some might say, excuses) are virtually endless. The truth, however, might lie the same reason why some students or employees love their class or their job and others don’t. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic professors can breathe life into boring classes, and respectable, fair employers can create a safe, fun work environment employees are proud to be a part of. Likewise, a good dentist can be the key to making your dental visits hassle-free. Here are a few key points to remember when looking for a dentist:


girl in dentist chair covering mouth because she is scared


#1: Location

Location is a key determining factor in how you search for dentists; a factor many fail to recognize. If you select a dentist who is only five minutes from your home, work, or school, you are far more likely to keep up with appointments than if the offices were an hour or so away. Additionally, it will be easier to squeeze an appointment between your school, work, and life schedules if the dental office is only a few minutes away.


#2: Services

What services are you looking for? Be sure to ask yourself this question when seeking a good dentist. Some dentists offer a broad range of services, while others are specialized in certain fields of dentistry. For example, if you are looking to get braces or Invisalign, you may have to limit your search to orthodontists and dentists who provide orthodontic services.


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#3: Insurance and Credentials

The next important factor to consider in your search for a good dentist is health or dental insurance. You should always make sure your dental insurance is compatible with the dentist you plan to visit. Otherwise, you may face complications with payment down the road, and you may even have to pay out of your pocket.

Dental credentials are always something to consider as well. How long has the dentist been working at his office? What school did he attend, and when did he graduate? Is he a member of any national dental associations? Finding out this information will give you an idea of how much experience the dentist has acquired over the years.


#4: Personality

A dentist’s personality is one of the most important traits to look for when seeking a good dentist. Like a witty professor or humorous boss, a fun dentist will make you want to return for future visits. Conversely, a dentist who has little patience or displays a glum appearance will have the opposite effect: you will have no desire to see him or her.

Fortunately, Dr. Bosse and Dr. Burton at Greenspoint Dental meet all of the criteria of a good dentist. Conveniently located in reach of Houston citizens, Dr. Bosse and Dr. Burton are credible professionals who provide a wide range of services to all our patients. Greenspoint Dental accepts nearly all types of insurance plans, so you can be sure to maximize your dental benefits. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Greenspoint Dental in Houston, Texas today.