Kissing: The Good and the Bad

Kissing is one of the most prominent ways for a couple to connect on a physical level. That said, there are many strange facts revolving around this romantic act.


According to, the act of smooching stimulates 29 different facial muscles, which–when worked enough–can fight against wrinkles.


The lips, themselves, are over 200 times more sensitive than the fingers.


Did you know that if you kiss for more a minute, you can burn up to 26 calories?


As it turns out, kissing can play both a positive and negative role in your dental health. Take a few moments to review both the good and bad of kissing, and how it can affect your mouth and teeth:


The Good: More Saliva


We know that saliva is beneficial to your health. It keeps your mouth moist and helps you taste your food. More importantly, saliva rinses your teeth, fights germs, and provides your tooth enamel minerals it needs to resist the buildup of plaque. When you kiss somebody, you will receive some of the saliva from their mouth. This is a bit gross to think about, but the additional saliva from your partner helps rinse your teeth and fight against bacteria. At the same time, you’re providing your partner some extra protection. You could say that frequent kissers have a less chance to develop cavities. Just make sure not to substitute kissing for a proper tooth brushing.


The Bad: Dental Diseases


Would you kiss someone who has bad breath or has yellow, unclean teeth? Probably not. Why, then, would you kiss someone that is sick? The common cold can easily spread through saliva, this is common knowledge.. What many people do not realize is that dental diseases are also contagious like the cold, and could be  passed through a kiss. According to AskThe Dentist, cold sores and gum diseases can spread to your mouth if your partner has them. Just as you’d like to kiss someone with fresh breath and clean teeth, make sure your partner does not have any kind of disease.


Remember that kissing does not substitute proper dental hygiene–your friends at Greenspoint Dental can help you in that regard. For more information on how to properly clean your teeth and obtain an attractive smile, contact our Houston, Texas dental offices today.