Listerine: Not Just a Mouthwash

You might have a bottle of Listerine on your bathroom counter for that extra kick of fresh breath in the morning. But did you know that Listerine can be used for more than just oral hygiene?

An all-around disinfectant, Listerine cleans just about anything.  It kills germs in the mouth and nearly everywhere else as well. First used as a surgical antiseptic in the late 19th century, Listerine can still clean out wounds today. Listerine is also good for disinfecting hard surfaces around the home such as toilets, floors and countertops. Consider using a spray bottle of Listerine and water for large surface areas.

Though there haven’t been any significant studies on the subject, Listerine has also been known to cure dandruff. Proponents claim that you can keep a bottle in the shower and add it to your scalp before shampooing.

It’s a good idea to be wary though. Some dubious and outright false claims about Listerine have surfaced over the years. One urban legend said that Listerine was a miracle mosquito repellent. Put to the test, however, Listerine wasn’t really effective. While Listerine does contain around 1% eucalyptol, a natural mosquito repellant, the trace amount probably doesn’t have any real impact.