Myths About Going to the Dentist

So many people skip their annual dentist visits because they are worried about some aspect of the process. But if you are thinking about skipping the dentist this year check out these myths so you know why you may be making a poor decision.


It may feel like going to the dentist will cost a lot, but the truth is that if you take good care of your teeth your yearly visit won’t cost much. If you do have insurance, Greenspoint works with many insurance providers to provide you top care at a low-cost price. In some cases, you may not pay a dime! Call us so we can discuss your financial situation.


Some people claim that going to the dentist scares them–a fear usually developed in childhood because of a poor experience. If you don’t go to the dentist now, you will probably have to come back to us when you have a cavity or gum disease. These conditions will probably trigger even more anxiety, so come now for a regular consultation that is pain-free. We are willing to listen to your fears and help make you comfortable here at Greenspoint.

Too Busy

Despite the short amount of time that dental appointments take, some people claim they just don’t have time. Don’t skip out on a practice that could save you thousands in future dental work as well as keep your body healthy. Gum disease is shown to increase the rate of developing heart disease and other health conditions.

Fear of Lecture

Some people don’t want to go in because they are afraid that the dentist will make them feel bad about themselves and give a lengthy lecture that has been heard thousands of times. At Greenspoint we want to educate rather than punish and will let you know what you are doing right as well as areas for improvement. We never get disappointed in our clients–we just want to make sure that you are doing what you can to promote a healthy smile.