New Year, New Diet, Great Teeth

With each new year brings an unhealthy desire to change every single thing about us to make ourselves the perfect image of life on earth. There are resolutions that boast working out twice a day or going vegan to save the cows. Whatever it is that 2016 has in store for you, don’t set yourself up for an ultimate resolution let down.

This year, try finding realistic ways to work towards your outstanding goals. Never working out and then expecting yourself to work out twice a day will not end well for you. If you want to be in better shape, your resolution may be to start working out twice a week.

Similarly, many of us vow to eat better. Instead of insisting on a vegan diet, try finding substitutes for your favorite junk food that taste just as good but do not compromise your overall health. Greenspoint Dental knows that eating better can be a never ending battle for some, so here are a few ways you can alter your snacks to better fit your health requirements as well as increase your oral health.


Yogurt Parfait

Instead of eating ice cream after dinner as a well-deserved dessert, try something just as sweet and indulgent without the empty calories and high counts of sugar. A yogurt parfait gives you the nutrients from dairy products that promote stronger bones and bone structure and the “smart sugars” from fruits that actually rinse your mouth instead of clean to your gum line and cause deterioration. You could even add almonds for an extra crunch – the natural abrasives will scrub teeth of any lingering plaque buildup.


Cheese and Crackers

Say good-bye to chips and salsa and introduce something just as delicious that will actually improve your oral health and overall well-being. Cheese is a great source of nutrients for your teeth in the right dosage. It creates a protective layer on your teeth to fight bacteria and contains proteins that actively fight against acids formed by sugary foods. Be sure to invest in wheat or whole grain crackers. Anything too high in starch tend to stick around long after you are through eating, and builds a layer of plaque.


Broth-Based Soups

Stews and thick soups like tomato contain lots of sugar and added ingredients that devalue the natural benefits of eating vegetables. Instead, this winter choose a soup that is a clear broth base. This will avoid staining and unnecessary sugar consumption. Any additions such as chicken, whole grain noodles and green vegetables will strengthen your teeth and prevent cavities.


If you are looking for a way to easily lose weight or get in better shape for the new year, consider substituting your usual indulgent snacks with these oral health friendly alternatives. treatment that will increase your chances of remaining healthy in 2016. Contact Greenspoint Dental today for an appointment.