Oral Health as You Age

Your oral health needs tend to change as you get older, so it is extremely important to be committed to a consistent and effective dental health regimen. This is a list of a few symptoms that tend to worsen with age. Keep in mind that all of these can be prevented or resolved by visiting your dentist regularly, every six months.


Acid Erosion. Sugary foods cause the acid levels to rise in your mouth, resulting in acid erosion of your enamel. Over time, your enamel will weaken and expose your teeth to sensitivity. Aside from obviously sugary foods like candy, beverages like sodas and sports drinks are common culprits because of their high sugar content and their carbonation. Carbonated beverages can actually increase acid levels in the mouth.

Staining. Coffee, red wine, and tobacco can stain your teeth. Though this is just a cosmetic issue, staining can occur on areas of the teeth that have buildup of plaque. Stains can be removed with the help of regular professional cleaning and bleaching systems. Be wary of bleaching and whitening your teeth too aggressively, though, because it can irritate the gums.

Gum Disease. The risk of gum disease does increase as you get older and can ultimately lead to tooth loss. The early stages of gum disease can be more or less simple to treat. However, as it progresses, it can be more and more difficult to reverse the damage.

Dry Mouth. Saliva doesn’t “dry up” as you age, but many medications that older individuals take can list “dry mouth” as a side effect. Saliva is important because it neutralizes acids that can damage your teeth. Dry mouth can escalate your chances of oral health problems almost immediately, so if you suspect you are having dry mouth issues, contact us so we can quickly resolve the problem.

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