Tooth Fairy Letter Ideas

For a child, losing a tooth is considered an important step on the path to maturity. The idea that a baby tooth is lost, and a permanent tooth will be growing in also offers the opportunity for you as a parent to help your child enjoy this adult moment, but also to subtly encourage them to practice good dental habits.

The “Tooth Fairy” is an important part of growing up, and it means more to the child if it is from the “Tooth Fairy” rather than you. With every tooth that’s lost, it’s up to you to build a story, to give the child a much bigger picture of what it means to lose a tooth. A great example that many parents use is the “castle’ metaphor. The idea is that the Tooth Fairy is building a large white castle, and every tooth your child loses is a building block to build the castle.

With the building of the metaphor, you need to stress to your child how important dental care actually is. Incentivize your child with small amounts of money, telling them that “if you keep your teeth pearly white, you’ll not only help the tooth fairy build her castle, but will also have enough money to buy that toy you wanted” or something similar to that. Presenting incentives will give extra encouragement to that child who doesn’t necessarily enjoy brushing his or her teeth.

Teaching your children to take care of their teeth at an early age is important. Contact the Houston offices of Greenspoint Dental and make an appointment with our new pediatric dentist to help your kids learn more about teeth care.