Toothpaste: Beyond the Brush

Toothpaste is one of the most important elements of your oral health routine. Not only does it clean your teeth, but also it makes them stronger and whiter with the special ingredients of fluoride and hydrogen peroxide. Toothpaste cleans off plaque which leads to better breath as the odor causing bacteria are washed away and the minty flavor takes over. Besides the obvious, your toothpaste can go a long way in keeping you and your household sparkling clean. Especially during the holiday season, there always seems to be a disaster ten minutes before the party and you need a quick fix! Here are some ways toothpaste can help you when you have no other options.


Carpet Cleaner


Your carpet has surprisingly similar features to your teeth: it gets yellow and could always use a good scrub. What do you do when the first party guest arrives and spills wine all over your freshly cleaned carpets? Grab your toothbrush and toothpaste and go to town. Of course we recommend using a spare toothbrush or a rag (not your own). Just like your teeth, brush, rinse, and repeat, until that frightening stain looks brand new again. Knowing your toothpaste doubles as carpet bleach may motivate you to buy the nice toothpaste and treat your teeth well.




This may seem a little out there, but toothpaste is the best way to get rid of smells that just won’t go away. Dab a little bit of toothpaste onto your dry hands after cooking fish or other smelly foods for about a minute, then rinse. Paste can be drying, so be sure to apply lotion after and the smell is officially gone!


Wall Repairs


This may not be the best option, but in a pinch, it will do. A gaping hole from a nail in the wall is not an attractive sight to guests, so for a quick patch up, apply a bit of white toothpaste to cover the hole. Add enough so that the hole is actually filled. If you painted your walls yourself, grab that old bucket of paint to touch up, or add some food coloring to the paste before application.


Acne Treatment


Believe it or not, toothpaste is the quickest way to get rid of those uncontrollable zits. Gel will not work, so make sure to get toothpaste. Apply a thin layer over the zit before sleeping and when you wake up it will be significantly smaller or completely gone! The reasoning behind this is simple. Toothpaste is very dry and will absorb any oils contributing to the life of your zit. Don’t knock it till you try it! You’ll never be worried about acne ruining your perfect holiday look.


Toothpaste is a great tool for keeping everything tidy, from your teeth to your walls. At Greenspoint Dental, we encourage our patients to live a happy, healthy lifestyle. Contact Greenspoint Dental in Houston, Texas today for a teeth cleaning before the holiday season begins!