Wear Your Best Smile, But Don’t Wear it Down!

When it comes time to eat or snack, rarely do we think about our teeth. But despite the fact that it’s fun to indulge on a sweet treat or sugary drink, these yummy foods are not always the best for your oral health. In fact, these highly sugary snacks can be downright harmful to your oral health. While anything can be fine in moderation, too much of these occasional treats and you might find yourself destroying your teeth.

Sports Drinks. Despite being portrayed as the athlete’s choice for a healthy drink, these drinks definitely have a dark side. They are packed with sugar and can cause serious problems–the least of which is tooth pain because of their ability to wear down enamel. Because these drinks are so sugary but also have a high viscosity, getting this dangerous mix out of your mouth could take a while. To keep your teeth free of cavities you should brush after you indulge in one of these drinks. And to be even safer, choose water instead, which is proven to be just as effective as sports drinks to stay hydrated in normal circumstances.

Hard Candies. They may seem small, but put down the Jolly Ranchers. Despite being offered in waiting room bowls, these little treats will stay with you well past the hour. Their stickiness results in them removing the enamel from your teeth and eventually causing cavities. The sugar deposits can build and cause an influx of plaque. So stay away from hard candies that stick to your teeth, unless you want to get multiple fillings and deal with tooth decay.

Citric Acid. While fruit is great in moderation, even these seemingly healthy snack can become harmful to your teeth. Oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and other acidic fruits are full of sugar and acids that work together to break down enamel while filling these gaps with sugar. To avoid having your teeth eaten away at, we recommend that you brush your teeth thirty minutes after having one of these fruits and staying away from highly citric drinks that prey on these properties.

While it’s okay to indulge in the occasional snack, it’s also important to keep thinking about your oral health and cleaning up afterwards. Contact the team at Greenspoint if you have additional questions.