What You Didn’t Know About Oral Piercings

For years, oral piercings have been a way to express individuality and add variety to our facial features. With advancing technology and skill, you can now get almost anything pierced from your tongue to your lips and even your cheeks. Unfortunately, these unique additions can lead to serious oral damage and decay if not properly treated and managed. Your mouth is very sensitive and will react to even the smallest altercation. Here are a few things that may happen if you do not take care of your oral health and piercings.


Watch Out For Infection

Because your gums are made of highly sensitive tissue, it is very common for oral piercings to cause infection. The slightest tear or cut can attract bacteria from everyday eating and breathing, which could then cause inflammation and possibly lead to extraction of the piercing altogether. One of the best ways to avoid infection is to go to a professional piercing studio with clean devices. Anywhere you go to get your piercing will provide a strict cleaning regime in order to avoid infection. During the healing process be sure to follow the guidelines closely and continue to clean it regularly even after the piercing is fully healed. If not, bacteria will find it’s way to attack the irritated tissue and cause an oral infection.


Nerve Damage is Serious

Going to a professional studio has more benefits than just cleanliness. If a piercing is done incorrectly, it may hit a nerve and cause serious damage. The last thing you want is a numb or paralyzed area of your face because of a poorly executed oral piercing. Make sure to do your research before choosing your professional oral piercing location. Read reviews from previous customers or ask a friend for advice.


Disease Spreads Fast

Another reason for cleanliness at the studio is to avoid diseases such as Hepatitis B and C, or herpes simplex virus. If the tools were used on an infected customer without being clean, their diseases can be transferred to your body. You should also refrain from sharing rings for your oral piercings with friends to avoid sharing bacteria and diseases with one another.


Breathing can be Difficult

This is especially pertinent with tongue piercings. If your body is sensitive to piercings, you may experience some swelling when getting your tongue pierced. In extreme cases, your airway may be obstructed because of excessive inflammation. To avoid this, reference your body’s reaction to previous piercings. If you have never had anything pierced, we suggest starting with a smaller, less invasive piercing to test your body’s ability to handle it.


If any of these impairments happen to you after getting an oral piercing, remove the ring immediately and consult a dentist or doctor immediately. Oral piercings are in no way bad for your health if taken care of properly, but they can create lasting damages if not managed accordingly. If you or someone you know is struggling with maintaining their oral piercings, contact Greenspoint Dental for a consultation appointment.