Why You Need to Get Your Teeth Professionally Cleaned

Similar to your normal oral hygiene routine, getting your teeth professionally cleaned is an essential part in maintaining great oral health. The process of getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist involves a lot more steps than what you might be used to, but is great if you want healthy teeth and gums.

cleaning, prevention, professionalA professional teeth cleaning at the dentist will generally involve a dental hygienist who will come in to remove the plaque deposits from the surface of your teeth that are hard to take off with a normal toothbrush. Instead of soft toothbrush bristles, a metal tool will be used to scrape off the plaque particles that sit in between your teeth and gums. A fluoride treatment will also be used to protect and strengthen your teeth which will assist in preventing cavities. Luckily, a teeth cleaning is relatively pain free and only requires thirty minutes to an hour of your time.

Getting your teeth cleaned is about more than just having a pearly white smile. Good oral health is linked to a reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes. Having a professional check for oral and gum diseases is important for your overall health. This will also provide you with early detection of future dental problems and the protection that your teeth are healthy for years to come. Although, regularly brushing at home is great, having a professional clean your teeth twice year, gives you an even better chance at having the healthiest teeth possible.

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