3 Reasons for an Emergency Dental Visit

It’s Saturday morning and you’re rushing around your house getting everyone ready for a full day of soccer games and family activities. On your way out you grab an apple and just as you bite into it you feel a crunch. Low and behold, your dental crown has come off and now your tooth is absolutely killing you! A lost filling or broken tooth can cause an unexpected amount of pain and discomfort if not properly taken care of immediately. It is imperative to get emergency dental care when such events occur and it should not be ignored. If you’re unsure that your dental issue is worth an emergency dental visit, read about these three situations below.


Lost Filling or Crown


Losing a filling or a crown can be very painful and cause high sensitivity. Fillings are placed in areas of the teeth where cavities have caused major decay and crowns are used to cover damaged or broken teeth. Both procedures cover exposed nerves or tissues that are very sensitive to extreme temperature and pressure. If your crown or filling falls off, an emergency dental visit is your best option. Waiting until a convenient time will cause further damage and may require extensive dental work.


Broken Denture


Dentures are very fragile and can break easily if not taken care of properly. In the case that you drop your dentures or eat something too hard and cause a break, you should immediately contact your dentist. Having broken dentures can impact your everyday life and hinder you from your daily activities. If you do not make an emergency dental visit, there is a chance the dentures will break further. Too much damage and the dentist will have to take another mold for a new set, but if you get them fixed with minor damage, bring it into the Greenspoint Dental office and we will fix it for you.

Chipped Tooth


The pain of chipping a tooth will have you running to the dental office as soon as possible. Not only is it horrifically painful, but walking around with a chipped tooth is not the most pleasing feature to look at. An emergency dental visit is a must, especially if there is any possible nerve damage or exposed tissue. Greenspoint Dental in Houston, Texas offers multiple types of dental crowns to fit any needs from metal crowns for molars to porcelain crowns for front teeth.


No matter the damage, our dentists at Greenspoint Dental will be able to restore your teeth and leave your smile looking better than ever before. In case of a dental emergency, contact Greenspoint Dental immediately in order to prevent further damage and bring you back to health.