Since 1997, Greenspoint Dental has been providing general, cosmetic and restorative services to Houston and the surrounding suburbs.  To better serve Houston’s multicultural communities, our dental staff speaks English, Spanish and French.  Se habla espanol.  On parle français.

The friendly and knowledgeable Greenspoint Dental care team consists of Dr. Bosse, three dental hygienists, four front office reception staff, four assistants and one bookkeeper. Our modern offices use cutting-edge dental technology and equipment in order provide patients with the best dental services and successful treatment results.

Advanced Dental Technology & Digital Cameras

Each room is outfitted with an intraoral camera and display screen which allows patients to view their mouth’s interior as the dentist sees it.  Dr. Bosse uses the camera to educate patients and help them better understand why specific dental procedures are recommended.

Early Cavity Detection

X-rays often miss detecting cavities.  Dr. Bosse will use a special fluorescent laser called a Diagnodent to find cavities at the earliest stage.  This allows patients to combat tooth decay early on.  This helps our patients save money by preventing fillings and avoiding future expensive treatments.

No Drill Noise

Instead of using a noisy hand file, Dr. Bosse uses an electric handpiece to remove cavities as well as cleaning and shaping root canals faster.  There’s no annoying drill noise which creates a more pleasant and relaxing environment for our patients.  The electric handpiece empowers Dr. Bosse to finish procedures quicker meaning our patients spend less in the chair and more time, enjoying their new smiles.