Zoom! is a revolutionary whitening procedure that can make your teeth up to eight shades whiter within a single visit to Greenspoint Dental in Houston. While at-home teeth whitening procedures such as whitening strips and bleaching kits may be costly and ineffective, Zoom! is a proven way to give you that bright and beautiful smile.

If you or anyone in your family has yellow or stained teeth and shy away from showing their bright smile to the world, reach out to us today. 

Zoom! Procedure

Zoom! Teeth Whitening is a painless, one-hour procedure that you can schedule at your convenience. During a Zoom! appointment, a member of our team will apply a whitening gel to the surface of your teeth. A light is then used to activate the gel’s whitening potential.

Dental whitening results of Zoom! are instantaneous and guaranteed. Without any messy trays or cumbersome whitening strips, Zoom! is the quick, proven, and hassle-free way to achieve whiter teeth and a brighter smile.

Best Times to Zoom!

Zoom! is the perfect teeth whitening procedure for any occasion. Zoom! can be used to whiten your teeth before a special event such as a wedding or high school reunion. At the same time, Zoom! is also perfect for patients looking for long-term teeth whitening. 

If your teeth have been stained due to coffee, tea, or tobacco usage, Zoom! is a great way to return your teeth to their original shade and restore confidence in your smile. Now is the perfect time to restore your smile with Zoom! Whitening. 

If you have questions about Zoom! Teeth Whitening or would like to make a Zoom! appointment, call us at (281) 823-9987.

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