3 Things You Should Do After Losing a Tooth

While your tooth’s enamel is one of the hardest substances in the body, it will still crack or break if enough force is applied to the tooth. In extreme cases, your tooth can be knocked out of your mouth entirely, an injury sometimes experienced in sports. While cracked teeth can be repaired with dental treatments such as fillings, permanent teeth that are knocked out, unfortunately, do not grow back. The only treatment for missing teeth is dentures.

That said, losing a tooth as a result of an injury does not mean there is lost hope. There are some steps you can take that just might save your tooth:


#1: Stay Calm

The first thing to do immediately after losing a tooth is to maintain a clear head. Controlling and addressing the situation is essential. While dental emergencies are serious issues that must be addressed as soon as possible, they are not fatal. You will not die if you lose a tooth, so there is no reason to become extremely stressed or upset. By controlling your emotions, you will be able to assess the damage and take the next steps properly.


#2: Preserve the Tooth

If your tooth is knocked out, your dentist may still be able to place it back in your mouth if you do not let the tooth dry out. After cleaning your tooth, try placing it back in its original socket as gently as possible, keeping it moist. If you are unable to do this, you have three other options:

  • Place the tooth between your gum and cheek. This will keep the tooth moist.
  • Place the tooth in a glass of milk or water.
  • Place the tooth in some other tooth-preservation product. You may be able to find these at a local pharmacy.


#3: See a Dentist Immediately

The longer you wait to see a dentist after your accident, the harder it will be to save your tooth, even if you preserved it properly. We recommend driving to the nearest emergency dentist or clinic as soon as you securely preserve the tooth. This will offer you the greatest chance of recovering your tooth.

Greenspoint Dental can help you with all your dental emergencies. Losing a tooth is something nobody wants to experience, but we will strive to save the tooth and restore your smile with professional treatments. For more information, contact our offices in Houston, Texas today.