4 Ways to Teach Kids About Oral Hygiene

African american girl brushing teeth with dad.


As a parent or guardian, you have an important role to play in ensuring that your children learn proper dental habits as early as possible. You should take them to the dentist frequently. Even if you fear such visits, do not pass the fear to them. You have to remain calm even when you go to the dentist’s office because children tend to copy what adults do. To assist you, here are four ways to inspire and encourage your kid’s oral hygiene.

1. Work With Them

The best way to train your children is through leading by example. Your children, therefore, should watch you brush your teeth every day so that they learn to do it as well. Better still, you can brush your teeth with them each morning and evening.

If you brush your teeth before they wake up and after they have gone to bed, this is the best time to change and instead show them how it is done. They will also enjoy relating to a peer as they learn a new skill; therefore, you can show them videos of other children practicing dental hygiene.


2. Do Your Children Fancy Stories? It’s Time to Make it Story Time!

When they watch how well you take care of your teeth, they will do the same. This is the best way of bribing your child into establishing good dental habits. Use this time to tell them a story using mythical characters, like their toothbrush, and describing how good it is at taking care of their teeth. You can come up with something that makes brushing sound like the coolest thing ever.



kid's dental hygiene. happy little girl brushing her teeth


3. Use Available Technology When it Comes to Kid’s Oral Hygiene

You can buy tooth care tools that are like toys for children. An electric toothbrush, for instance, motivates the children to practice proper dental habits. You can ask your dentist about this depending on the age of your child.

Electric toothbrushes make brushing easier and faster. Besides, brushing becomes fun and the electric toothbrush takes care of the delicate gums. The point is to make brushing as simple and as fun as possible so that your children find it enjoyable and beneficial. Maintaining your kid’s oral hygiene could be as easy as buying a toothbrush with thier favorite movie character on it!


3. Observe Them Properly

It takes some time for children to learn a new skill. Therefore, as a parent or an older relative, you have to be patient with them. Watch them as they take care of their teeth, ensuring that you correct them in a way that does not make them feel like failures.

The easiest ways to teach children how to take care of their teeth is by brushing with them and making the exercise a lot of fun.

Try these tips today and help your child establish the right habits.