5 Non-Dairy Foods With High Calcium

We are all familiar with  “bad” food. Hard candy, citrus fruit, and foods high in sugar or acidity aren’t generally good for your teeth and dental health as a whole. What is “good” food, then? The short answer is calcium. When most of us think of calcium, we think of milk and other dairy products. This can be an issue for people who are lactose intolerant or those who find it difficult to fit milk into their day-to-day diet. Fortunately, there exists other foods nearly as calcium-rich, if not more so, than dairy products.

Baked Beans

We Texans love our baked beans to complement our barbecue. Fortunately for us, baked beans come with a sizable amount of calcium in each serving. According to National Osteoporosis Foundation, a whole 160 mg of calcium is packed inside just 4 oz of the stuff. Now you have another reason to eat baked beans!

Green Soy Beans

These beans offer a moderate amount of calcium with each serving. A common and popular way to enjoy green soy beans is to Boil or steam them, resulting in a warm nutritious dish of edamame. This calcium rich vegetable is soft on the teeth and easy to digest.


Moving away from beans, we arrive at tofu. Although tofu isn’t as diverse or popular as the food choice beans would be, it still obtains a large amount of calcium, with over 200mg of calcium in only a 4oz can. Tofu is a common meat replacement, highly desired by vegetarians. Enjoy tofu on a cold salad on a warm summer day, or in hot soup on a cool winter evening.

Canned Sardines

Sardines may not be for everyone, but their calcium content can’t be disputed. Sardines are written to have up to 325 mg of calcium in a mere 3 oz serving. Why? This is mainly due to the fact that canned sardines have small soft edible bones inside them. Compare this to an 8 oz glass of milk, which only offers 300 mg of calcium.

Collard Greens

Vegetables are packed with nutrients that strengthen your teeth. Among the variety of vegetables collard greens is calcium rich with a whopping 360 mg. of calcium in each 8 oz serving. If you want to give your teeth a healthy treat, collard greens are the way to go. This leafy vegetable isn’t known for being particularly delicious by itself, so be sure to experiment with different recipes to make it delicious.
Regardless of which food you eat (or beverage you drink) for calcium, it’s important to get calcium in your diet everyday. If you’re wanting to know more about how to better your dental health contact Greenspoint Dental for more information.