All-On-4: An Alternative to Traditional Dental Implants

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According to the American College of Prosthodontists, more than 35 million Americans do not have any teeth. More surprisingly, this number is rising. The traditional remedy to complete tooth loss is a full set of dental implants, requiring 6-8 implants per arch. This process is expensive, invasive, and stressful. However, there is good news for people suffering from tooth loss! All-on-4 is an alternative approach to traditional implants that saves time, saves money, and reduces stress!

How is this possible?

This minimally invasive procedure uses 4 implants per arch to replace all your missing teeth in just one day! All-on-4 creates a permanent set of teeth with an implant-supported bridge.

For this treatment, the two front implants are positioned at the typical 90-degree angle. But unlike most implants, the back implants are tilted at 45 degrees to provide strength and support in areas that usually lack bone and require bone grafts.

The implant, made of titanium, fuses to the existing bone and becomes part of your jawbone. Along with getting a brand new smile, you are preventing the deterioration of your facial structure and reducing your risk of periodontal disease. This superior method exceeds the outcomes expected from conventional tooth implants.

What will my teeth feel like?

The most impressive thing about All-on-4 is that your teeth will act and feel just like natural teeth. You will care for them just like you would care for a real set of teeth. This means you won’t have to learn a new cleaning routine or change your eating habits. You should brush regularly, floss every day, and continue scheduling dental visits for cleanings.

How long will All-on-4 last?

After one procedure, you will leave the office with a permanent new smile! These implants will never need removal or replacement. All-on-4 replaces the roots of your missing teeth with the 4 implants, eliminating the need for bone grafts and sinus augmentation. You are setting yourself up for a lifetime of smiles!

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What is the cost?

Complete dental implant restoration procedures are costly due to their invasive nature.  However, All-on-4 is able to lessen these costs by using 4 implants rather than 6 for each arch.

Contact Greenspoint Dental for current pricing; we frequently offer specials, including on this service.


Losing teeth is an emotional event, but All-on-4 can reverse that. This procedure will recreate a life-long smile that will boost your self-confidence. You can be in and out in one day with a full set of pearly whites. Furthermore, you will be preventing future bone loss and decreasing your chances of future oral complications. Don’t hide your smile any longer!