Come visit Greenspoint Dental, the best teeth-whitening dentist in Houston, Texas. Professional teeth whitening can boost your appearance and help you gain confidence with a shiny smile.  It’s quick, cost-effective, and produces immediate results. During your lunch break, you can walk into a teeth whitening dentist with yellowing teeth and walk out with bright, shiny teeth like never before. Teeth Facts Here are the reasons you should go to a teeth-whitening dentist in Houston: The part of your teeth that you can see is called enamel. Beneath that layer is called dentin. The thickness and color of both enamel and dentin determine the different shades of your teeth. With a thin enamel layer, more of the dentin becomes visible.  Dentin can be gray or yellow.  As we get older, our enamel turns dull and stained. A teeth-whitening dentist can help make your smile brighter by targeting the top layer of your teeth that has taken a toll over time! Genetics can cause your teeth to stain, but also how you conduct your life can cause this problem as well. What you eat, drink or, smoke can affect the condition of your teeth.  Dark liquids like coffee, tea, wine, and alcohol can stain your teeth.  Berries, tomato sauces, and curries also have an effect on darkening your smile.  Tobacco products heavily cause your teeth to be stained.  Of course, poor oral hygiene can affect your teeth’s brightness a great deal! As you get older, your teeth become dull and stained. It’s a fact. It’s life. When you come to a teeth-whitening dentist like Greenspoint Dental in Houston, the procedure is similar to what you would have at home, only with better focus and more powerful whiteners. A teeth-whitening dentist has access to higher concentrations of tooth whitening bleach.  Also, a teeth whitening dentist can more effectively protect your mouth from any negative side effects that occur from bleaching. Teeth-whitening dentists use high-powered light rays to activate products. Over the counter kits or strips do not contain the same ingredients as a professional teeth-whitening dentist can provide, like whitening gel and whitening trays. These add-ons reduce the sensitivity that your teeth incur during and after the process of teeth-whitening. Also, the teeth whitening dentist will have add-ons that reduce dehydration that your teeth experience during the process. What will happen when you go to a teeth-whitening dentist?  What can you expect when you get your first professional teeth-whitening?  The visit will take about one to one and a half hours, depending on the system that the dentist uses. The teeth whitening dentist will begin by protecting your gums with dental dams or protectant gel.  The reason this is important is because the whitening agent can irritate your gums. A professional strength bleaching agent will be used during the treatment so having proper tissue protection will be important. After the gums have been prepared, your teeth-whitening dentist will apply the bleaching agent either directly to the teeth or put it in a tray so that it can be applied to the teeth.  The bleaching agent will be left on the teeth for a period of time. In most cases, the teeth-whitening dentist will take off the agent after 20 minutes. Then, you will rinse your teeth. The teeth whitening dentist will check the progress of the whitening, and then apply more whitening agent if necessary. Sometimes, this process is repeated multiple times with the same strength of whitening bleach agent. Your teeth-whitening dentist may use different strengths of the bleaching agent at different times, depending on the progress during the visit. Sometimes your teeth-whitening dentist will use a light ray, often a blue LED light, to bring out the effects of the whitening agent. The teeth-whitening process is mostly chemical with the carbide or hydrogen peroxide agent interacting with your teeth to remove stains.  The enamel is whitened and the dentin is brightened, counteracting the dark layer that has occurred over time. When a light is used by the teeth-whitening dentist to enhance the process, it acts as a catalyst to increase the rate at which the chemical reaction happens. Once you have whitened your teeth, it is very important to follow your dentist’s recommendations to care for your teeth. Usually, your teeth-whitening dentist will suggest not consuming hot or cold food beverages for a few days because your teeth will be more sensitive to varying temperatures right after you get your teeth whitened. Your teeth whitening dentist will also recommend staying away from food and beverages that stained your teeth, such as coffee and red wine. They will recommend this for a period of time to reduce the rate at which yellowing occurs. Your dentist might send you home with a kit for occasional whitening touch-up so that the result of your professional teeth-whitening session can be maintained. Be sure to follow all the instructions so that your teeth are properly taken care of and your teeth-whitening session can last.  After your teeth have been professionally whitened, they inevitably will begin yellowing again.  To maintain the results, you need to brush on a regular basis as your dentist recommends. Would you like to brighten your smile? Call us today and set up an appointment with Dr. Bosse. You’ll be glad you did!