Bacteria That’s Good for my Teeth?

The key to oral health isn’t necessarily getting rid of all the germs in the mouth. Quite the contrary: recent studies have shown the use of probiotics (good bacteria) in one’s daily diet can help support oral health.

Probiotic bacteria can be found in certain cultured dairy products and some fermented foods. They compete with the bad bacteria that produce the acids that break down enamel, and crowd them out. This contributes to reducing your chances of cavities. So a bacteria-free mouth isn’t necessarily entirely good when some of them protect you.

When it comes to bad breath, probiotics not only slows down the growth of germs that cause halitosis, but makes those germs easier to eliminate using traditional methods such as brushing.

Even for dental issues as serious as periodontal disease (when disease attacks the gum and bone supporting the teeth), probiotics can make a difference. When in its early stages, periodontal disease creates a thin layer of biofilm over teeth and gums. This prevents removal of bacteria through flossing and brushing. Use of probiotics to the area can not only reduce bacterial growth, but also help any bleeding and inflammation you might have.

Other than cultured drinks or foods that have been fermented, chewable probiotic products exist that are meant to facilitate the spread of probiotic bacteria throughout the entire mouth. Like any other cells in our body, these good bacteria age and need replacement.

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