Being the Tooth Fairy

It’s a big deal for a child to lose his or her first tooth–but it’s also a big deal for Mom and Dad. After all, getting to be the tooth fairy is one of the perks of being a parent.To help make it extra lively and fun, we’ve pulled together some ideas to help you out with your new role:

Tooth Fairy Money

Before you put the money under your child’s pillow, spray it with some glitter hairspray. It gives cash the look as if it’s been handled by a fairy. The glitter and shine that sticks to the money makes a convincing case, and can turn any suspicions away from you.

Picture Proof

Sites such as allow you to upload a picture of your child sleeping and add a fairy. You can pick and choose a Tooth Fairy to include anywhere in the picture. That way you will have photographic proof that the Tooth Fairy really did pay your child a visit.

Fairy Dust

Leave a trail of fairy dust in your child’s bedroom. You can also use it over hardwood, tile, or out on your front porch to avoid a mess. It can serve as proof that the Tooth Fairy went through the house. Dust can be anything from glitter to confetti.

Tooth Fairy Receipt

These mock receipts will serve as a cute reminder for when your child lost his or her tooth. It makes the exchange for the tooth sound like a professional transaction carried out by the Fairy herself. Some receipts include the fairy’s ID and signature, and can come in invoice formatting for your child to fill out. Free versions can be found online and are ready to print, or are available for purchase by stationary companies like Nocciola Design.

Letter from the Tooth Fairy

You can also include a letter for your child along with the money to make things more personal. There are pre-written letters that can be found online, or you can hand write it. You can include words of encouragement or praise, and simply sign off as the Tooth Fairy. Not only will it make the fairy sound like someone who really cares about your child, but writing offers parents a great chance to reflect on what makes them proud of their kids.

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