Best Age For Braces

People often ask what is the best age for braces and chances are you’ve seen a wide variety of people wearing them, from adolescents, to teens and even adults.  In the end, your braces are specific to you – as are when you should have them installed.

Braces are most often designed for children in their early stages of dental development.  Most dentists agree that by age 7, all children should have an orthodontist take a look at their teeth to make sure they’re coming in correctly.  Should he/she see any irregularities, then topic of braces can be introduced to the conversation.

Pediatric orthodontists are very well trained in child dental development.  They are familiar with the various signs that teeth may not be coming in correctly and they can diagnose a potentially painful problem though regular dental screenings.

Everyone’s teeth are different and develop at a different rate.  Though not normal, it is possible that someone’s teeth begin to show signs of misalignment later in life. Thus there isn’t a specific “best age” when it comes to braces.

If you have a question regarding your teeth, or your child’s teeth – feel free to give us a call.  We can schedule an appointment and provide professional opinions on the alignment of your teeth.