Are You Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard?

Although proper oral hygiene is encouraged and cleaning our teeth is necessary for our health. Brushing too hard can actually be over-kill and detrimental for the health of your teeth. You don’t want to cause yourself dental problems by brushing too hard which could result in:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Receding gums
  • Worn down tooth enamel

Since brushing too hard can be abrasive to your teeth, use this tip to ensure you get a good cleaning for a healthy mouth without doing any harm.

Brushing Tip

brushing teeth, brushing tips, clean your teethBrush your teeth with a soft bristled toothbrush to ensure a good clean that isn’t too harsh. The point of brushing your teeth with a toothbrush is to get into all those hard to reach areas to remove plaque. However, you don’t need to scrub unreasonably hard to get plaque off. Using a soft toothbrush for the recommended two to three minutes is just fine and will get you a great clean.

If you’re experiencing bleeding gums or sensitive areas on your teeth, don’t just assume it is due to brushing vigorously. You may have gingivitis that can be easily treated or exposed dentin which you need to see a dentist for. Next time you go in for a dental check-up ask your dentist if they notice anything that is caused by your over-brushing so you can put a stop to it immediately. Brushing is important and having a good oral hygiene is key, but don’t over do it and cause unnecessary dental problems for yourself.

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