Caring for Your Teeth with Braces

Braces create a major obstacle when it comes to keeping your teeth clean and healthy. Brushing your teeth gets a little bit harder and flossing is next to impossible. So how do you keep your teeth clean with braces on?

Brush Longer. Since braces make brushing more difficult, you can expect your brushing routine to take a little longer than usual. When brushing make sure you’re not just running over the brackets. Turn the bristles so that they get underneath the wires.

Smaller, Manual Toothbrush. When you’re wearing braces you may want to stick with a small, manual brush that allows you to really maneuver the bristles around your brackets. At the same time, the best toothbrush is the one you’ll use most often—manual or electric.

Waterpik. Waterpiks shoot a strong jet of water which can clear out plaque and other buildup between your teeth. A waterpik performs a similar job to a bit of floss, but is a little more convenient for people with braces.

Floss Threader. Even if you’re using a waterpik, flossing is a good idea. Consider purchasing a floss threader which can make the process of getting the floss under your wires easier.

Proxabrush. A proxabrush is a brush specially designed to fit underneath wires. It looks a little bit like a pipe cleaner and may take some getting used to. The main appeal of the proxabrush is that it can clean around brackets in the little spots that your regular toothbrush can’t reach.

More Frequent Dental Cleanings. We recommend that patients with braces come in for a professional teeth cleaning every three or four months. Not only will a dental hygienist be able to clean your teeth more effectively, he or she will also be able to spot any problematic areas and address them as necessary.

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