Causes Of Bad Breath: Part 2

This is the second part of a series of blog posts on bad breath. Below, a few of the causes of bad breath are described.freshen breath tips tricks, houston dental


Sometimes bad breath can be caused by issues involving the gastrointestinal tract. Usually the discomfort and other symptoms associated with any gastrointestinal issue are too intense for the sufferer not to seek treatment before it causes bad breath. However, bad breath that emanates from the stomach can also be caused by the digestion of a particularly pungent meal. Sufferers of acid reflux or intense heartburn can have bad breath caused by the excess of acid and irritation of the stomach lining.


Bad breath can also be caused by issues had with the sinus cavity and the issues that affect it. It can be something as simple as which passageway you prefer to breathe out of. People who breath primarily out of their mouth are at risk for experiencing dry mouth, which causes bad breath. Your mouth relies on saliva to wash away any buildup of bacteria that harbors less-than-fresh scents. If you’re someone who suffers from allergies you’re probably familiar with the uncomfortable “post-nasal drip” in which mucus drips down the back of your throat. This can cause bad breath.


Finally, the cause of bad breath we’re all probably most familiar with. Although there are various causes of bad breath, and you should have your doctor or dentists consider any possibility, most bad breath does in fact originate in the mouth. Most commonly halitosis is caused by bacteria on the tongue. Many people often pass up tongue cleaning when attending to their oral hygiene. Bad breath caused by the tongue is often easily remedied by brushing the tongue or employing the use of a tongue scraper. Bad breath in the mouth can also be caused by things like gingivitis and other oral infections.

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