Delicious July 4th Foods For Your Teeth

Happy Independence Day! All across the state, Texans are celebrating July 4th with their family, friends, and neighbors. Texas traditions for this patriotic holiday are varied: some host cookout barbecues in their backyard, some spend a day out on the lake, while others build a campfire to roast marshmallows. Regardless of what tradition you and your family and friends partake in, there is a good chance a lot of food will be involved.

Let’s face it. Some of the celebratory foods are just plain irresistible — fresh, gooey s’mores, roasted hotdogs and hamburgers, delectable ice cream, steaming apple pie, and other delicious treats. This Fourth of July celebrate your freedom through the enjoyment of pairing sweets with these dentally-smart dishes to your holiday diet. You will be improving your dental health while celebrating our nation’s independence!


#1: Ice Cream

You might be scratching your head with this one. How could this dessert possibly make it on the list of dentally smart foods? As it turns out, ice cream is made primarily from cream and milk, which bursts with calcium. Calcium helps strengthen your teeth’s enamel and protects it from tooth-decaying acid caused by mouth bacteria. While there are certainly healthier options for your teeth, ice cream is one of the better options when it comes to holiday treats beneficial to your teeth.


#2: Steak

Looking for something sizzling on the grill? Instead of grabbing a hotdog bun, reach for the steak knife. Indeed, steak is one of the greatest sources of protein. Protein contains phosphorus, which, according to strengthens both your teeth and your jaw, preventing tooth decay. Make sure to add some sugar-free delicious barbecue sauce!


#3: Oranges

Oranges are refreshing and can be used in various recipes. Oranges contain Vitamin C, which promote gum health. Gums with inadequate Vitamin C supply can bleed and develop gingivitis. If you are looking for something to complement that steak or beer, grab an orange!


#4: Beans

Beans are commonly seen at Texas barbecues, and you can expect them to be on the table over the July 4th weekend. Fortunately for you, beans are a great source of protein, which strengthens your tooth enamel. Beans also contain small amounts of iron, vitamin C, and vitamin A, all which promote general health in your mouth. Be sure to pile those beans on your plate!


#5: Water

This Independence Day, the heat will be relentless, and will likely linger around in the evening air. Drinking plenty of water is a must. Not only is it essential to hydrate yourself, drinking water also helps rinse the lingering food particles on  your teeth. This periodical cleaning washes out plaque, bacteria, and other tooth-decaying substances left on your teeth as a result of consuming sugary or acidic holiday foods. If you are going to indulge on food today, make sure to rinse your teeth with plenty of water!
It is not uncommon to feel some tooth pain after a holiday. If you start experiencing pain, call your friends at Greenspoint Dental. We are here to answer any other questions you have. Contact our Houston offices today!