Dentures or Dental Implants: What’s the Difference?

Are you ready to update your smile, but cannot decide between dental implants or dentures? Both are legitimate choices, but there are a few differences to be aware of when choosing the best smile for you.



Dentures are available as complete or partial sets. They are removable and much cheaper than dental implants. Two options for application are available for complete dentures: immediate or conventional.

Immediate dentures are placed the same day all teeth are removed, before healing is complete. Although it is quicker, this option is more painful to the patient. They can cause pain, irritation and soreness for weeks after the procedure and very often feel loose because of the swell and reduction of the gum lines. Immediate dentures require more frequent visits to the dentist for refitting once the gums are finally healed.

Conventional dentures require an eight-to-twelve-week recovery period after the teeth are removed but before the dentures are placed—leaving patients without teeth for some time.

If you are only missing a few teeth, you may consider investing in partial dentures. Partial dentures are made to replace one or a few teeth when the patient still has at least one natural tooth in good condition. They are mounted to fill-in for missing teeth while supporting those still lasting. Partial dentures are removable and typically have a more natural look than complete sets.


Dental Implants

Are you looking for a long-lasting solution for your teeth? Consider dental implants. This permanent alternative to complete dentures uses titanium screws to attach the implants to the jaw line. Unlike dentures, dental implants can only be removed by dentists which allow for less effort by the patient to keep them in good condition. At least two attachments are required to bond the lower jaw and four or more for the upper jaw. It can take two to six months to fully recover but the benefits are long lasting with less maintenance and a more natural look, overall.


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