Do I Brush Before or After Breakfast?

Everyone has some sort of morning routine, whether it’s avoiding one altogether and sleeping in until the last second, or making coffee and reading the paper. A morning routine helps us start our day on the right foot. As someone who has spent their whole life brushing your teeth, you probably feel like a dental care master, knowing the best times and ways to brush your teeth. Think again! Here are a couple of life hacks to make sure you are getting the biggest benefits from your oral care routine.

Before or After Breakfast?

Adding a little extra time to your morning routine could go a long way, especially in terms of your oral health. There are two types of people in this world, one that brushes their teeth before breakfast, and one that waits to get rid of bacon breath before work. Your routine may work for you now, but consider these points to decide when the best time for you to brush your teeth really is.


  • If your breakfast contains foods or drinks high in sugar (e.g. orange juice) you shouldn’t be rushing to brush your teeth immediately after. If you brush too hard or fast, the pressure will actually further press the sugary crystals into your enamel. If you refuse to wait, drink a glass of water in order to wash out excess sugar before brushing.


  • Choosing to brush before can be just as tricky. If you are aware of what you eat in the morning after brushing you could get away with it. Just know that leaving carbs or sugary remnants of food behind will lead to plaque build up. Again, if you choose not to brush after breakfast drink a glass of water to rinse your mouth after a big meal.

Morning or Night?

The answer is: it doesn’t matter. Dentists widely believe that is it not timing that keeps your oral health impeccable, but the amount of time you spend on actually brushing or flossing. The best time to floss is when you have time. Flossing does not have to happen more than once a day, so you should save it for a time when you are not busy. For example, at night when you finally get to sit down after dinner and watch some TV. Either way, giving yourself insufficient time will lead to poor oral hygiene habits and possibly more cavities.


As always, you should supplement your (now) perfectly timed oral health routine with a biannual visit to the dentist for a deep cleaning and checkup. If you and your family are in need of a better oral health routine or a dental appointment, contact a dentist in Houston, Texas today to set up an appointment. Greenspoint Dental will be able to help you improve your oral health routine and give you that smile that shines bright.