Do You Have Dental Anxiety or Dental Phobia?

dental anxiety, dental phobia

No one wants to go to his dental appointment anymore than his doctor appointment. Putting off the bi-annual visit puts people at risk of gum infection, teeth pain, or even broken teeth. It is important to schedule your dental visit, but know that you are not alone if you experience dental anxiety or dental phobia.

Causes of Dental Anxiety/Phobia:

  • Pain – fear of pain is the most common cause of dental anxiety/phobia. This is exhibited most commonly in adults 24 years or older.

  • Feelings of helplessness – sitting still in a chair makes people feel a sense of control loss which can lead to anxiety.

  • Embarrassment – people may feel ashamed or embarrassed to have a stranger look inside. Self-consciousness may make people feel uncomfortable from physical closeness.

  • Negative Past Experiences – having a bad experience from a previous dental visit may hinder a person from scheduling another appointment.

Symptoms of Dental Anxiety/Phobia:

  • Tense feelings the night before the dental exam

  • Feelings of nervousness or feelings of crying

  • Feeling physically ill at the thought of a dental visit

  • Panic when objects are placed in your mouth

If you are experiencing any of these, here are some possible suggestions to alleviate the anxiety:

  • Talk about your fears. Explain why you feel this way so your dentist can find a way to put you at ease.

  • Ask your dentist to explain your procedure, understanding and getting your dentist to tell you when he is moving onto the next step of your procedure may help you feel less nervous.

  • Schedule your appointment at a time when you are not rushed or under pressure.

  • Try some relaxation techniques like deep breathing or thinking about your favorite place.

  • Agree on hand signals to communicate, pain, or need for a break.

Don’t be afraid to schedule your appointment if you are feeling nervous, you’re in good hands at Greenspoint Dental.