Does Hydrogen Peroxide Really Clean Teeth?

Hydrogen peroxide can help whiten and reduce bacteria in teeth, but it depends on the concentration used. You can buy a bottle of 3 percent concentrated solution at your local drugstore, but studies have found about ¼ that concentration (0.75 percent) can significantly reduce bacterial adherence in the mouth. Higher concentrations such as 1.5 or 3 percent have been shown to not make a statistically significant difference.

As for whitening, hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent and as a result can help whiten your teeth. In fact many whitening products have hydrogen peroxide in them, so buying the solution alone at the store can provide for a cheap alternative.

There is a downside though. Research done by the National Institutes of Health find that hydrogen peroxide rinses are associated with mucosal abnormalities, and as a result hydrogen peroxide is not recommended for oral care by some government studies. Minor discomforts such as dry mouth, tooth sensitivity, and soft tissue irritation also occur from rinsing with hydrogen peroxide solution.

Dentists use higher concentrations for whitening procedures, but take precautionary measures through use of protective gels or rubber dams to cover the gums.

When at the store, look for teeth bleaching products that have the American Dental Association’s seal of approval. The ADA does not recommend long-term unsupervised use of hydrogen peroxide as a cleaning agent for your teeth, especially when used at higher concentrations.

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