Eating With Dentures

Adjusting to a new set of dentures can be difficult, and you may be concerned about how well you’ll be able to eat for the first few months. There’s a few things you’ll need to get accustomed to before you can enjoy hard, sticky or tough foods, but it’s nothing to worry about- most people can eventually eat whatever they like with their dentures. However, for the first few weeks at least, there’s a couple adjustments you should be aware of and prepare for.

  • You’ll want to start with soft foods– purees, liquids, puddings, broth, mashed potatoes and other food you hardly have to chew.
  • When eating these soft foods, be sure not to put anything too hot into your mouth. You won’t be able to judge temperatures as well because of the insulation dentures provide, and you could easily burn your mouth.
  • Don’t freak out if you realize you can’t really taste your food right away- your brain is getting such powerful signals about your new dentures that it’s overpowering the senses of your taste buds. As you adjust to your dentures, your sense of taste will improve.
  • When you’re finally ready for solid food, be sure to cut each bite into very small pieces, and distribute food evenly to chew on both sides of your mouth. This will help keep your dentures balanced, and keep you from choking on food that’s too big or hard to chew, forcing you to swallow it whole.
  • Don’t bite directly into hard fruits and vegetables- cut them into thin slices to eat or cook them before eating.
  • Eventually, you should be able to eat hard or sticky foods, though they may require the use of a denture adhesive. For now, stick to easy-to-chew foods until you feel totally comfortable with your new teeth.

After a while, your dentures should feel comfortable and become routine. Until then, it’s just  a matter of adjustment. At Greenspoint Dental, we offer an alternative to dentures- dental implants that are a safer and more permanent solution. If you’re in need of a new smile or are tired of dealing with your dentures, contact us today to get started.