Excellent Oral Health through the Years

The tips that our parents handed down to us when we were still kids likely stuck with us through adulthood, and are possibly being passed down to our own kids. These pieces of advice can be about life in general, but would also perhaps involve habits such as hygiene and oral health.

While we have been very diligent in observing good oral habits, we may find that just like our bodies, problems may arise because of the natural aging process. Here are some of the common problems you may encounter, and how to address them.

Teeth Stains

The longer we use our teeth, then the more susceptible they are to getting stained. Coffee, tea, cola, fruit juices and tobacco are all suspects when it comes to giving our teeth a yellowish tint. There may be over the counter products to help minimize staining, but a visit to a professional may yield better results especially for deep rooted stains. Furthermore, some of these OTC products may contain chemicals that are more harmful than good – so it’s best to check first with your dentist.

Gum Diseases

It shouldn’t be a surprise that gum diseases are rather common for older adults. If the individual’s oral habits have always been poor, then the gums are most likely going to be infected and will be prone to developing diseases. Gum diseases show up oftentimes during middle age.

Gum diseases such as Gingivitis and Periodontitis can be painful, frustrating and annoying. But apart from these, the American Academy of Periodontology actually links gum diseases to an increased prevalence of heart disease. Therefore, don’t ignore your gums if you want a healthy and happy life.

To help fight gum diseases, frequent brushing and flossing, as well as the use of mouthwash can help prevent the condition. Furthermore, regular checkups with your dentist should be observed to ensure that any problems are addressed before they escalate.

Dry Mouth

As older adults, some of us take medications to regulate and control bodily functions as well as alleviate any conditions that we currently have. Unfortunately, many of these medications result in a dry mouth. This is not a healthy sign as saliva is needed by the mouth to protect against bacteria and decrease the risk of cavities and tooth decay. If you frequently suffer from dry mouth, consider taking sugar-free mints to stimulate the production of saliva. Consult with your dentist as well for more professional treatment methods available for dry mouth.

Oral Cancer

If you smoked at one point in your life, then your chances of developing oral cancer is moderate to high. If you have mouth ulcer or a sore within your mouth that persists even after two weeks, have your dentist look at it to rule out the possibility of oral cancer, and to ask for the proper medication to get rid of the sore.

If you are in need of professional care to take care of your oral health, the team of Greenspoint Dental is highly experienced and skilled and is sure to take care of your needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment.