Five Common Dental Misconceptions

dental myths, truth, dentalHave you ever received some advice from a friend or family member that you were skeptical about? You may believe what they said at first, but then after you do a little research or talk to a professional about it, you realize they were all wrong. This happens to me quite a bit, which makes me realize if you want the truth you need to go to the source to get it. Since there are so many misconceptions about dentistry, it’s necessary to set the record straight and give you guys the truth.

 False Dental Statements

  • Everybody gets cavities – Not true. Although it seems like everybody has had a cavity once in their life, there are some people who don’t. If you take really great care of your teeth, eat healthy, and go to the dentist you too could be cavity free.
  • Don’t chew gum, it’s bad for your teeth – This is true unless you get your hands on the right kind of gum. Sugarless gum with xylitol is actually a great way to help your mouth produce more saliva which helps wash away bacteria which aids in preventing cavities.
  • I don’t feel any pain, so my teeth are fine – We can’t use this logic because there are tons of things that could be going on inside our mouth and gums that we may not notice until it becomes a serious problem. To prevent dental problems from happening we have to continually get dental check ups to maintain a healthy mouth.
  • Pregnant women shouldn’t go to the dentist – This is false. Pregnant women are at a higher risk for tooth decay and gum infections so they should go to the dentist even more. Inform your doctor of your pregnancy so you don’t get any x-rays or procedures that could be harmful to your baby.
  • You can’t get braces after you’ve left high school – Lies! Your teeth can be fixed at any age. If you feel uncomfortable getting braces after your adolescents then go with a clear option like Invisalign. There are many cosmetic dental procedures to give you the smile you want, at any age.

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