Foods That Damage Your Teeth

Everybody knows that junk food is bad for our health. It can make you gain weight and it has little to no nutritional value. Coincidentally junk food is also bad for our teeth and oral health. Even though we know these things are unhealthy we may not know why or what harm they actually do to our teeth. Here is a short breakdown of which foods we should try to avoid and some alternative choices that would be better for us.

Dried Fruit and Gummy Candy

There is nothing wrong with a sweet snack once in awhile but things like dried fruit which sound healthy are often filled with sugar and full of calories. Similar to gummy candy, dried fruit can get stuck in between your teeth and increase your chances of getting a cavity. If you don’t brush and floss diligently, the sugar will coat your teeth creating plaque that can stain and rot your teeth. Stick to fresh fruits and if you do eat sugary items, remember to brush and floss as soon as you’re done eating.

Bad foods for our teethChips, French Fries and Popcorn

It can be hard to pass up some warm french fries or popcorn at a movie but just like the sugar in candy, starchy foods stick to your teeth. Although it may be hard to notice, foods like french fries and popcorn can get stuck in between your teeth. Any food that just sits in between your teeth will slowly produce more plaque causing bacteria which leads to cavities. Try crunchy carrots or kale salad with cucumbers which is healthy for your teeth and body.

There are plenty more types of food that can damage your teeth but these are just some of the more common foods that we all eat, but should avoid. If you want to maintain strong teeth stick to healthier foods options and always practice good oral hygiene. Contact Greenspoint Dental to help you get the smile you want and great healthy teeth you can be proud of.