Frequently Asked Questions about Going to the Dentist

Where you are 7 or 70, your oral health will always be important. Reports say that over 100 million Americans do not see their dentists in a year, even with the knowledge that regular checkups are essential in preventing other diseases. Here are some questions you might have wanted to ask about going to the dentist.

Q: Why do regular dental checkups matter?

A: Regular checkups are important because they allow the detection of oral health concerns early on, before it worsens and more complicated treatment methods are needed. The earlier they are spotted, the simpler and cheaper the treatment will be. Furthermore, preventive action is always important, so having your teeth cleaned professionally will help prevent other conditions such as cavities and gum problems from developing.

Q: How do I know if I should see a dentist?

A: it should be every 6 months or as recommended by your dentist. However, if you experience or are undergoing at least one of the following, then you don’t need to wait until your next appointment:

  • Your teeth are sensitive and hurt when in contact with hot and cold food and drinks
  • Your gums feel swollen and bleed whenever you floss or brush
  • You want to change your bite and smile
  • You have persistent bad breath
  • Your mouth, face, neck and jaw are swelling
  • You have problems chewing or swallowing
  • You have dry mouth
  • Your jaw pops or you feel pain when you open and close your mouth
  • You have a sore that persists for an extended period of time

Q: What should I look for in a dentist?

A: Before making a decision, consider looking around for potential candidates. Dental care should be a personalized service that requires an open and trusting relationship with your dentist, as the concerns can sometimes feel embarrassing. Here are some considerations when choosing a dentist:

  • Is the appointment schedule and location of the clinic convenient for you?
  • Is the office clean and orderly?
  • Is the dentist able to explain the techniques he or she is employing?
  • Is the dentist able to take emergency calls?
  • If the dentist an accredited member of the American Dental Association?

Q: How do I keep a good relationship with my dentist?

A: Follow through with his or her recommendations to maintain excellent oral health. Also, be open and honest to your dentist when he or she asks about habits you may have that are detrimental to your oral health. This way, he or she can make appropriate suggestions and design treatment methods that will work best for your situation. Dentists love seeing their patients with excellent oral health.

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