Good Diet, Bad Breath?

People would call you Michael Muscles in high school. You were fit, ate a diet consisting of steak, chicken, peanut butter, eggs, and beans, basically anything protein-wise you could get your hands on. You worked out twice, even three times a day when you tired of your calculus class.

Yet every time you took a girl on a dinner and movie date (something which persisted in college) and leaned in for a kiss, you noticed each girl ever-so-slightly moving away from you, and it wasn’t just because you kept spilling popcorn on her either.

Guess what? Your high-protein diet helped to contribute to halitosis, better known as bad breath. Wh

at ended up happening when you followed the “Body By Arnold” diet was bacteria latched on to the proteins that exist within the steak, chicken and peanut butter you consumed 5-6 times a day, and because proteins are not as easily digested as other foods, the only way to emit those undigested proteins would be through breathing.Obviously, the usual suspects like spicy foods, and smelly foods like garlic and sardines are constant contributors to an odor-filled breath, but here’s a fun fact: Remember that time when you wanted to go on that 30 hour fast, in order to prepare for that weekend on the beach?

Due to the dryness in your mouth that built up as a result of not even consuming water or a simple spearmint gum piece, you might look good and tan well, but your mouth might smell worse than the odor you emit after that 5 hour beach volleyball game.

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