Greenspoint Dental Gives Away School Supplies to Patients

Dr. Louis Bosse and Dr. Kari Blankenship to give away backpacks filled with school supplies as part of a back-to-school promotion.

Houston, TX, July 13, 2012 —

Greenspoint Dental will be giving away backpacks filled with school supplies to school-aged patients until the end of August.

The promotion is to welcome Greenspoint Dental’s newest dentist, Dr. Kari Blankenship, who focuses on pediatric and adolescent dentistry as part of the family dentistry practice.

Greenspoint Dental will be giving away one backpack filled with school supplies for the last two weeks in July and all of August. The winners of the school supply-filled backpacks will be drawn each Monday from the previous week’s school-aged patients.

The backpacks will be helpful for students of every age and come with notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, markers and a ruler.

The promotion comes at a good time for young patients because getting a child’s teeth checked by a dentist before school starts helps prevent infections showing up later in the year, when students would have to miss school, Dr. Blankenship said.

“It is an overall well-being issue to get kids ready to start the new school year,” Dr. Blankenship said. “If they are taught from an early age that brushing and flossing is good then they grow up with that habit and overall they have less dental problems, less pain, less infection, less inflammation, less chances of tooth loss, less chance of them missing school.”

The promotion begins Monday, July 16 and lasts through the end of August.

About Greenspoint Dental

Greenspoint Dental is a family dental practice that has been operating in Houston for the last 15 years. Dr. Louis Bosse, the lead dentist at Greenspoint Dental, provides general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry to his patients. His associate, Dr. Kari Blankenship, provides dentistry services to patients of all ages, but particularly enjoys working with younger patients.